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International, Inc. is the pioneer in professional networking organizations.LeTip was founded in February 1978 by Kenneth E. Peterson of San
Diego, California.

A former insurance salesman, Mr. Peterson has since expanded the concept to over 450 chapters throughout the United States and Canada which have over 10,000 members.

The primary purpose of being a member of LeTip is to give and receive qualified business tips or leads. Tips are regularly reviewed by each Chapter’s Tip Master to insure they meet professional criteria and represent a real value to the receiver.

South Bay Le Tip is a local chapter of Le Tip International and is one of its strongest ones. Our chapter was founded 14 years ago and many of the founding members are still active the group. Currently, we have 48 members representing a variety of professions and industries.

Potential new members come to the first two meetings and are permitted to give a brief presentation about their product or service. The chapter’s Inspector then meets with the applicant at their business.An inspection of the premises is performed and information on the application is verified. At the third meeting, the current membership votes on the acceptance of the prospective member.

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