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How To Be a Good Showboater

For the second week of the Tour of Duty, you are the Showboater.

Several times a year members showboat their product or service. This is usually done with a tabletop display. The showboat table is always set up near the registration table.  Sometimes a member will showboat without a table.  Examples of this are:

  • Dog Trainer: Bring in a dog.
  • Men’s or Women’s Clothier: Have a live fashion show.
  • Auto Dealer: Set up a new car “showroom” in the parking lot.
  • Wedding Planner: Create a miniature stage to promote outdoor weddings.

Showboating provides an opportunity to educate and inspire your members.

If you have retail products, this is an ideal time to sell them.

Set up 30 minutes before the meeting starts and be at the showboat table before and after the meeting to answer questions.

During the meeting and when prompted by the Program Director, you will have 2 minutes to talk about your business and your services or products.  Don’t wing this part.  Take some time to think about and write down what you’re going to say.  Two minutes is not very long so don’t try to tell your sales force everything…it’s unlikely to be remembered ½ hour after the meeting anyway.  Tell your sales force about specials or something very unique or something that is available for a short period of time.

Make your presentation look professional, just as if you were in a trade show. Plan displays with differing heights for promotional materials and products. Be energetic. If possible, educate your LeTip sales force by using all five senses.  This way, members will have better recall and will be more effective when they “sell” your products or services.

Touch: Incorporate different textures – beautiful glass to hold cards, textured paper on brochures, unusual fabric for tablecloth display.

Sound: Use appropriate music as a background, but keep it light.

Sight: Use mini spotlights to cast hues on your display. Use a bright table cloth, flowers, or ornamental items to complement your corporate colors. Provide marketing or promotional items to distribute: DVD’s, brochures, packets of information for the members to pass on to their contacts.

Taste: Food is always a great draw especially candy or cookies.

Smell: Flowers with scent such as roses, potpourri, or scented candles. Use it sparingly.

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