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How To Be A Good Speaker

The third week of your rotation, you are the Speaker. All members have the opportunity to speak in depth several times a year. Ihese presentations allow chapter members to learn about each other’s businesses.

Many new members dread to be the Speaker. Unused to speaking in front of a group, they become nervous, afraid they will not be up to the task. Relax! Preparing and presenting a speech becomes easier with time, especially if you break your program into three parts: the opening, the middle and the closing.  The most important thing you can do is to prepare.  The more you practice the more confidence you will have and project.  Don’t be afraid to use note cards.

How much time does a Speaker have?

You will have six minutes for your presentation and two minutes for questions and answers. If you are not sure how to answer a question, don’t be embarrassed, be honest and say you will look into it. Always thank members for asking questions.

Large chapters with more than one Speaker determine whether the time should be decreased, For example, very large chapters allow Speakers only five minutes for their presentation.


Prepare a proper introduction.

Each week, the Program Director reads an introduction for each Speaker. It is your responsibility to craft your own introduction, legibly written on a 3×5 card and give it to the Program Director prior to your speech.

What should the Speaker say?

Some points to consider:

  • What is your goal? Is it to sell product, educate, entertain? All three?
  • What message do you want your listeners to retain?
  • What three key words would you like them to remember about your business?

LeTip members become your sales force. Your job is to teach the members how to sell your product or service and keep them updated on your company.

How would you train your sales force?   What type of new clients would you like them to bring in?  What new products or services is your company offering? Do you have a new promotion?

  • Don’t be afraid to have fun;
  • Do use key words wherever possible.
  • Do pinpoint ways members can send you business,
  • Do give scenarios of what “A good Tip for me is……..”
  • Don’t use this time to talk about your personal life.
  • Don’t pass out literature when you take center stage as it will distract from your message. Either have it in place on the tables before you speak, or let members know more information will be placed on the registration table to be picked up as they leave.
  • Don’t use industry jargon– it confuses people.
  • Don’t spend time on the history of your company.

Engage members with visuals.

When possible, hold up a visual example of what you are talking about.  Use a product, chart or photo album of your work.  This gives members a mental picture and enables them to connect your words to an image.

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