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Tour Of Duty

The Tour Of Duty is the progress you go thru to make yourself and company more well known and connected with other members of the group. You start out as a Greeter, then a Showboater, then a Speaker, and after being a Speaker you are the Target Tipper for the next week. View more about these positions by clicking the below links: (Below that is the current Tour Of Duty Schedule of our members)

Target Tipper
Chapter Mixer

1.        If you know months is advance you cannot do the tour over certain dates, let Felix know ASAP.  Also, if this is a reoccurring issue, you will need to remind him just before the last Greeter date on the then current tour.

2.       The schedule is THE SCHEDULE.  Any changes to this schedule, require two steps:

a.        If you’re unable to do the complete tour, you must find someone to switch with you.  It is NOT the program chair’s duty to find a substitute.  If you are going to miss one, or more, parts of the tour, you must have your alternate attend on your behalf.  If you don’t have an alternate, you must find someone to switch an equivalent part of the tour with.  You must notify Robert Waechter of this change.  Notification of this change must be given 48 hours prior to the date(s) you are changing.  Anything less than 48 hours notice will not be considered and it will be recorded you missed that part of your tour.

b.        There will be a substantial fine for missing the “attend a chamber event” part of the tour.  If you are not out in the public networking, you penalize the entire group.  There is no fine for missing any other part of the tour.  Not helping the group tip you should be penalty enough.


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